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My brother and I both love WordPress, and between the two of us have over 24 years of experience using it on a daily basis. We work on our plugins full-time; this isn’t just a side hobby for us. Debugging code, listening to customers’ feedback, and responding to support tickets is something we thoroughly enjoy!

We were frustrated with all the social media plugins out there that don’t pay any attention to performance. And then you have some that are simply trying to add every feature under the roof.

We wanted something fast, simple, and easy to use. So we decided to build one ourselves using a performance-focused approach.

Brian Jackson – @brianleejackson

Co-founder of forgemedia LLC, former CMO at Kinsta. I have worked extensively in the WordPress hosting sector and CDN industry. I’ve been knee-deep in web performance for years and have optimized thousands of sites. I’ve seen the worst when it comes to social plugins failing to scale properly.

I’m also a growth marketer obsessed with SEO, SaaS, and social media. I’ve written over 5,000 blog posts and have helped grow sites organically from zero to 1+ million visitors per month. I know how important social media shares are when it comes to getting your content seen!

WordPress has always been a huge passion of mine, and everything I do has revolved around the amazing community. I also blog over at woorkup about marketing and productivity.

Brian Jackson

Fun facts about me

I have been featured on blogs such as Smashing MagazineMozAhrefs, SucuriWPfounders, CloudinaryTweetDis, Robbie Richards, Themeisle, CodeInWP, altsetup, Torque, and more…

  • I’ve built and flipped over 6-figures in niche sites.
  • I sold a web hosting company in college, hosting over 700 websites.
  • I received the Microsoft MVP Award in the Windows Expert-IT Pro category. But I’m a happy Mac user now.
  • I’m addicted to disaster movies, synthwave music, and Overwatch.
  • One of my favorite activities is a long hike.

Brett Jackson – @iambrettjackson

Co-founder of forgemedia LLC. I am a web developer who loves building awesome web applications and, of course, anything WordPress. Previously I worked at an agency where I was responsible for building, maintaining, and optimization of clients’ sites so that they could achieve their marketing goals. That also included sysadmin activities, such as updating PHP, managing servers, etc.

I am constantly figuring out new performance optimizations that I can implement to speed up WordPress. I’m also nitpicky when it comes to UI and spend a lot of time ensuring our plugins result in good user experience.

Fun facts about me

  • If you can think of something you want WordPress to do, I can probably code it.
  • I can really geek out when talking about video games, headphones, or personal finance.
Brett Jackson

Interested in performance? Check out Perfmatters. It’s a lightweight web performance plugin we developed to increase Google Core Web Vitals scores and fine-tune how assets load on your site.