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Feature requests

Last Updated: 04.28.24

If you have a feature you would like added, feel free to contact us. Below are features we either have already planned or are discussing. Make sure to also check out our changelog.

Note: We take performance very seriously, and it will always be taken into account. Thankfully developing the plugin with this in mind from the beginning allows us to more easily add features while ensuring they aren’t loaded everywhere if not enabled.

Pending (development/discussion)

  • [04.28.24] Add follow button support for Ko-Fi and Venmo networks.
  • [04.25.24] Add search widget with dynamic popup and contents of the site.
  • [04.10.24] Call to action / title text option for Floating Bar.
  • [03.30.24] Allow floating buttons to display on search results URLs.
  • [03.12.24] Popular posts widget/block.
  • [01.04.24] Add a Google reviews widget (Elfsight example).
  • [11.02.23] Add bottom threshold for show on scroll feature to hide buttons.
  • [09.21.23] Add popout view (tooltip style) for social share buttons.
  • [07.27.23] Add ability to only add image pins on specific images.
  • [05.31.23] Add Nextdoor share support (if possible).
  • [05.30.23] Improve functionality for bottom desktop banner, including labels.
  • [05.21.23] Exit popup for sharing.
  • [04.03.23] Add Google News network (follow).
  • [08.31.22] Follow icon for a map or location marker for things like Google Maps or Google Business profiles. 2x
  • [05.23.22] Support for Koo network.
  • [05.20.22] Support for Odnoklassniki network.
  • [02.27.22] Add a like/love button. 5x
  • [12.26.21] Add shortcode for share button only with various parameters.
  • [09.22.21] Support for Plurk network.
  • [08.02.21] More options for customizing Facebook and Twitter share text and meta separately.
  • [07.30.21] Show followers/fans on follow widget. 3x
  • [07.28.21] Support for MeWe, Gab, Clouthub, and Gettr networks.
  • [03.18.21] Add button for comments, integrate with native WordPress comments, counts, scroll to form, etc… 2x
  • [03.15.21] Add a bookmark to browser button.
  • [03.14.21] Add click to tweet style callout support for more networks besides Twitter. 2x
  • [03.07.21] Dynamically generated core stylesheet to only load necessary styles for current configuration.
  • [03.07.21] Filters to both disable abbreviation for share counts and also change the letter abbreviations (k,m,b).
  • [02.18.21] Add ability to Highlight and Share text content on the page. 3x
  • [02.14.21] Dynamically populate UTM parameters to see additional information: Running multiple campaigns, logged-in users, etc.
  • [02.12.21] Support for follow button shortcode in email templates.
  • [02.01.21] Add hover button support for more networks besides Pinterest. 3x
  • [01.13.21] Support for Signal network. 3x
  • [01.10.21] Ability to pass in string of social networks to display to shortcode. 2x
  • [01.10.21] Ability to pass in post ID (or permalink) for share URL override to shortcode buttons (and non-shortcode through meta options). 10x
  • [11.11.20] Add support for Elementor Image widgets outside the content area for Pinterest Hover Buttons.
  • [10.26.20] Option or filter to generate social media image sizes.
  • [09.06.20] Option on an individual post to show inline share buttons on the top or bottom. 2x
  • [07.06.20] Ability to display the share buttons to only guests, logged-in users, or both.
  • [06.21.20] Improve print functionality and appearance. Also perhaps a PDF export. 3x
  • [06.10.20] Click to Tweet Inline link option. Example: Inline Tweet Sharer
  • [05.29.20] Support for additional URL shorteners such as Rebrandly (2x), YOURLS (2x) Switchy,, and wp_get_shortlink.
  • [05.27.20] Automatic social popup on scroll, time delay, etc. which has share buttons. 2x
  • [05.11.20] Custom hook option for inline content button display.
  • [05.10.20] Ability to see share counts or clicks on posts in WP Admin, ability to sort by number of shares, compare stats, etc… 11x
  • [05.08.20] Additional option to show individual share counts for each network without hover. 3x


  • [01.06.21] Compatibility with All in One SEO for open graph options.
  • [05.04.20] Valid AMP support. 6x
  • [05.08.20] Reworked front-end novashare.js file to not require jQuery.


  • [05.10.22] Ability to use custom SVGs for social share buttons. 2x
  • [01.22.23] Support for Mastodon network. 2x
  • [06.09.20] Add options to set button icon colors. 3x
  • [02.13.23] Sticky bar on desktop (similar to mobile floating bar).
  • [05.13.20] Migrate tool from other social sharing plugins (Pinterest images, pin IDs, share counts, etc.). 9x Note: We now support multiple plugins in our migrator tool, and we’ll keep improving this.
  • [01.25.22] Add confirmation animation or alert after clicking copy button.
  • [08.02.21] Subscribe button with link to newsletter form, or landing page (share and follow).
  • [09.30.21] Support for GitHub network.
  • [04.06.21] Add ability to add hidden Pinterest images (2:3 ratio) for individual images on page. 5x
  • [07.09.20] Post meta option to disable Pinterest image hover buttons on the entire post/page.
  • [04.27.21] Add universal share button (one button or also a minimum number with the rest hidden). 8x
  • [09.20.21] Ability to change accent colors for click to tweet elements.
  • [05.27.20] Integration with affiliate programs if logged in, such as AffiliateWP or SliceWP.
  • [01.19.21] Support for Goodreads network for the follow widget.
  • [08.13.21] Support for Discord network.
  • [05.22.20] Only show floating bar after user has scrolled a certain % of the way down the page. 5x
  • [05.08.20] Custom CSS box. If someone needs to make a small tweak based on their theme or page builder, having this option in the plugin would allow us to spit out the CSS inline where the plugin is loaded, as opposed to sitewide in the WordPress Customizer.
  • [04.06.21] Add option to always use Pinterest popup for image selection, possibly option to only show hidden images.
  • [02.12.21] More built-in exclusion options for Pinterest image hover buttons, class, attribute, etc…
  • [05.05.20] Ability to add a top offset to the floating bar. 2x
  • [11.03.20] Add a copy link button. 2x
  • [10.19.20] Floating bar option to fully expand icons to fit screen width on mobile.
  • [12.15.20] LINE support for follow widget.
  • [01.24.21] Options to adjust button margins. 2x
  • [05.05.20] Call to action on inline content share buttons (discuss before or after). Example: “Share” 6x
  • [01.03.21] Shortcode for follow buttons. 4x
  • [10.08.20] Option to be able to globally hide/remove post meta boxes if not in use. 2x
  • [08.17.20] Ability to display buttons on archives + category pages. 4x
  • [07.23.20] Option to only show WhatsApp on mobile devices. 2x
  • [06.10.20] Add Facebook Messenger button with desktop/mobile support. 3x
  • [05.10.20] Add support for LINE messaging app. 2x
  • [05.05.20] Add different button layouts (network name with icon + rectangles). 3x
  • [04.27.20] Social media buttons widget (Follow us on social). Include YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. 6x
  • [07.09.20] Ability to choose share button alignment. 2x
  • [07.01.20] Add Hacker News (source).
  • [05.27.20] Add an SMS share button. 3x
  • [05.04.20] Share count recovery. 4x
  • [05.26.20] Pinterest hover button on images. 5x
  • [06.07.20] Add nofollow noopener noreferrer to social share buttons. 2x
  • [05.04.20] Additional floating bar option to hide above a certain pixel threshold when floating on the bottom of the screen on mobile.
  • [05.11.20] Shortcode for inline content button display. 2x

Not possible

Not planning to implement

  • [12.06.22] Automatically generate custom social media images per post. Reason: Our friend, Andy Feliciotti, already has a great plugin for this (MightyShare), and it can be used alongside Novashare.
  • [06.01.20] Auto-posting to social networks based on a schedule. Reason: This is beyond the scope of our plugin.
  • [11.25.20] Options to incentivize clicking share buttons or integration with GamiPress or something similar. Reason: This is outside of the scope of what we’re planning to do with our plugin. 2x
  • [11.30.20] Add share icon next to share counts. Reason: We prefer to keep things clean and minimal where possible.
  • [07.25.21] Social share content locker. Reason: We aren’t a fan of this method for gated or locked content.
  • [08.02.21] Popup with CTA to subscribe or follow after you share. Reason: We don’t want to implement two of the same workflows together, as this can create a bad user experience.
  • [09.03.20] Add floating bar option to stick to the top of the screen. On mobile, users sometimes have ads running on the bottom. Reason: Not user-friendly on mobile.
  • [06.17.20] Different styles for desktop and mobile, for example, medium/squared for desktop and small/circular for mobile. Reason: This would harm performance.
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