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How to show floating social share buttons on scroll

Sometimes you might not want your floating social share buttons to show right away. In Novashare, you can enable the “Show on Scroll” feature. This will change the behavior to only show your floating social share buttons after the user has scrolled past a specific point on the page. You can also choose different devices.

Enable show on scroll

Follow the steps below to enable the show on scroll feature.

Step 1

Click into the Novashare plugin settings.

Novashare plugin settings
Novashare plugin settings

Step 2

Under the “Options” tab, click on the “Floating Bar” sub-navigation menu.

Novashare Floating Bar
Novashare floating bar

Step 3

Under the “Display” section, toggle on “Show on Scroll.”

Show on scroll
Show on scroll

Step 4

Scroll down and click “Save Changes.”

Show on scroll location

After enabling the feature, you can choose what devices are set to only show on scroll. There are three options:

  • Both (Desktop and mobile)
  • Desktop Only
  • Mobile Only
Show on scroll location
Show on scroll location

Scroll threshold

The scroll threshold lets you change the point that show on scroll is triggered. It accepts pixels (px) or percentages (%).

Scroll threshold
Scroll threshold
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