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An error occurred while updating. Download failed. Unauthorized

When you try to update the Novashare plugin you might get the following error:

An error occurred while updating Novashare: Download failed. Unauthorized.

There are a couple reasons why this might be happening.

  1. You haven’t activated the plugin yet. Follow our tutorial on how to install Novashare and activate it using your license key.
  2. If your license key is already activated, but you’re getting an “Unauthorized” message, you most likely need to remove your license key and save – then re-add it and save. This happens when your URL has changed since your license key was activated or perhaps it was being used on a staging site/dev site.
  3. Your license has expired and will need to be renewed. All of our licenses include 1 year of updates & support.

If none of the above options work, you can also update the plugin manually via SFTP. You can grab the latest version (.zip) from your Novashare account.

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