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Social share counts aren’t showing up? Follow this checklist

Share counts are supported for the following networks: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Buffer, Reddit, Tumblr, VK, and Yummly.

If you’re having trouble with social share counts showing up on your WordPress site or a particular post, follow this checklist.

Configure Facebook and Twitter share counts

Make sure you have gone through all the steps to set up Facebook and Twitter share counts. All of the other networks don’t require any configuration.

Wait a few hours after installing Novashare

Share counts are queried when a visitor hits a post for the first time. So after you first install Novashare, it might take a little while for shares to show up across your entire site. It was developed this way for performance reasons, to keep your site running fast.

If you chose a less frequent share count refresh rate, it could take even longer.

Check your minimum share count setting

Double-check what you have your minimum share count set to. If you have it set too high, it could be that they aren’t displaying as they haven’t met the minimum threshold.

Check share counts manually

Follow our documentation on how to check share counts manually on a URL.

Have you migrated from a different URL structure?

If you’ve migrated your WordPress site from a different URL structure, you will need to take advantage of our social share count recovery feature. This includes:

Social share count recovery basically combines share counts on your previous URLs with share counts on your current URL structure.

Still having problems

If you’ve gone through everything above and are still not seeing social share counts, please contact us. We are happy to help.

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